Jeep Driving in The Maze


Feb 17, 2015
I've been puzzling about this until it just dawned on me to ask you guys about what I can expect Jeep driving in The Maze. I plan to be in Utah in October, and seriously want to travel in The Maze. I will be in a rented, modified Jeep from Canyonlands Jeep Adventures, which has higher ground clearance, and I want to know how feasible it will be to drive to Panorama Point / Cleopatra's Chair, down the Flint Trail and out to the Maze Overlook, or past Teapot Rock out to the Chocolate Drops, Land of Standing Rocks and the Green River. Not all that experienced with the Jeep, but managed the Shafer Trails and the White Rim without a problem.

Thanks for the feedback.
I'm sure you already know this, but its very remote. You're probably at least 3-5 hour drive from Hans Flat to get to most of those places. How long are you planning to stay?

As a Jeep enthusiast, If you're not experienced with driving a Jeep or off-roading in general, I would advise you to avoid the Maze, especially if going alone in a rental Jeep that you're not familiar with. You need to be completely self-reliant as you may not see any other vehicle while you're out there. Most people who venture out there in vehicles are the overlanding types that carry all means necessary for self-rescue and/or travel in a small group. Every time I go out I have my hi-lift, tire repair kit, full spare, shovel and extra fuel. My Jeep is also equipped with a winch, recovery kit and CB.

That said, you could probably do Panorama Point/Cleopatra's Chair but I would be weary of going further. Just my opinion though!
The Jeep will have no problem with any of those roads, it's your experience that may be the limit.

I wouldn't worry too much with the Panorama Point / Cleopatra's Chair road - it's not difficult and is mostly just bumpy.
I think you would probably be fine going down the Flint Trail to the Maze Overlook, too.

Without much experience in a Jeep I'd be hesitant to recommend going out past Teapot Rock by yourself.
I don't drive in the Maze, so can't chime in on that.

But as to camps and access to cool places, I find the Maze Overlook a smidge more desirable than the Doll House and far better than Chimney Rock and vicinity. And supposedly much simpler driving there.

Golden Stairs is nice for being relatively easy to get to on the Flint route in and out of the Maze. A visit to Lou's Spring is the hike to do from here.