Island in the Sky: Cheatin and I Know It


Norwegian Xplorer
Apr 1, 2018
Hmm, actually, when I look closer norwegianexplorer and I entered in slightly different locations. The track follows the same idea, enter through a weakness in the white, then traverse below it northward, to a slope descent. But I was definitely north

Evening among Monuments by John Morrow, on Flickr

Canyonlands National Park, Island in the Sky District by John Morrow, on Flickr

The way in by John Morrow, on Flickr
Jepp John, here is my slope, a couple of slopes to the south of yours I think


Formerly bob32
Mar 1, 2015
Ryan, I went from Gooseberry trailhead on Island in the sky, down to the White Rim, and entered Monument Basin from the South/East side. I walked the canyons below the White Rim towards the South/West for a couple of days and turned north to exit at white crack. I followed the road north towards the Murphys Hogback trail and climbed up to the Island again. Roadwalked back to the Gooseberry TH. I found water at camp 1 and also at camp 2. The first water source might be reliable, the second prob not. This was in May. I carried 12 L of water to start with, heaviest pack I ever carried. I have a recording of the route that I will make public for a few days so you can check it out.
Awesome, thanks! I recently rode the White Rim and afterwards was wondering about the possibility of a trip exactly like yours. I'll probably never do it, since I'll never want to carry that much water, but just an in-and-out to your campsite #1 (where there is reliable water) sounds pretty nice.
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