In and Out - Boulder Mail Trail to DH

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    After a few years of miscellaneous cancellations and changes of plans, my brother in law and I finally made it out for the weekend. I wanted to head south, and since he is a pilot, we thought it fitting to start from an airstrip. Besides the drive took us to places new to him.

    The sky was infinitely blue; the temperature was not bad. Not too hot for the in or out, warm enough to take a dip in a beaver pond when the sun was shining, and then as soon as the sun disappeared it felt instantly like fall. The full moon meant less stars, but brought beautiful silver light that I did not even attempt to capture, instead it was just enjoyed, as I reset for my brother in law what it really was like growing up with me. Ha!

    Disclaimer is that I like the color orange.

    First the drive.... and then the Boulder Mountain Aspens provided a great beginning.
    Death Hollow 10-170005.jpg

    Death Hollow 10-170013.jpg

    Death Hollow 10-170077.jpg

    Death Hollow 10-170099.jpg

    Once the drive was over, the hiking began in earnest.
    Death Hollow 10-170135.jpg

    We ate up the miles, down Sand Creek, then up the other side. Any slog eaten up by conversation and changing landscape.
    Death Hollow 10-170170.jpg

    Then late in the afternoon, the destination.
    Death Hollow 10-170193 (1).jpg

    Always So Fantastic!
    Peering into Death Hollow Pan 170210.jpg

    Last bit of sun lighting up the Autumn Beauty.
    Death Hollow 10-170235.jpg

    We camped at a popular spot. Beaver dam pond with little trout leaping full out of the water. Bats reeling overhead at twilight and occasionally skimming the creek. White powder sand beach. Even the ivy was beautiful.
    Death Hollow 10-170292.jpg

    We wandered on up to where the trail climbs back up out. Greeted by beautiful sights.
    Death Hollow 10-170298.jpg

    Moon as the sun rose.
    Death Hollow 10-170340BW.jpg

    Geological details.
    Death Hollow 10-170366.jpg

    Death Hollow 10-170425BW.jpg

    Even the sandy slogs over the plateau of pinyon, juniper, sage and rabbitbrush were beautiful.
    Death Hollow 10-170448.jpg

    Death Hollow 10-170429.jpg

    Death Hollow 10-170453.jpg

    Death Hollow 10-170495.jpg
    Sand Creek. One of my favorite shots.... orange.
    Death Hollow 10-170502 (1).jpg

    Death Hollow 10-170520 (1).jpg

    Death Hollow 10-170526.jpg

    From Highway 12 we contemplated hiking up Calf Creek, not only was it packed, but we were shorter on time than we wanted...
    Death Hollow 10-170543.jpg
    So we went to another place instead and wandered for a while.
    Death Hollow 10-170547.jpg

    Death Hollow 10-170549.jpg
    Back in the direction we came from.
    Death Hollow 10-170557.jpg
    Along Teasdale Road, and a fitting farewell.
    Death Hollow 10-170572.jpg

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    I love this hike so much. It was the first backpacking trip I took my daughter on, HEAVY PACK.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Lovely. Thank you.
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    Wow!! Beautiful shots! That one is still on my list. I'm a sucker for the contrast of vivid green vegetation set against the red rock, but that desert gold in fall can be just as blissful.
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    While the ivy strikes fear in me, it does look beautiful. Thanks!
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    Gorgeous photos!
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    Thank you!
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    better off outside
    Classic. Great photos!
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    Loving it! How long is the route?

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