boulder mail trail

  1. Ugly

    In and Out - Boulder Mail Trail to DH

    After a few years of miscellaneous cancellations and changes of plans, my brother in law and I finally made it out for the weekend. I wanted to head south, and since he is a pilot, we thought it fitting to start from an airstrip. Besides the drive took us to places new to him. The sky was...
  2. Jackson

    Death Hollow from the Boulder Mail Trail

    May 5-8, 2017 I finished my last exam and I was free. I got together with two friends and we headed down for a weekend of camping and backpacking. We stopped in Torrey for dinner at Slackers, then we headed to find camp for the night on Boulder Mountain. Fortunately, all of the lower reaches...
  3. Nick

    Boulder Mail Trail

    I usually feel pretty lucky just to get out for a night or two of camping in the dead of winter, backpacking has always seemed out of the question. But back toward the end of 2013, I ended up with a new member of the family, a wonderful furry hiking buddy named Sage. I was itching to get out and...
  4. mattvogt7

    Boulder Mail Trail, Jan 2014

    BMT February 6, 2014 original trip report can be found at: Winter in the desert is different Places we know (above) take on a new character. They're quieter. More ephemeral. Intimate. We began our walk outside Boulder (Utah)...

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