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    After summering in the Bighorn Mountains, I am now in the Moab area for a couple months at the least. If you are visiting Dead Horse Point soon, you may spot me working.

    Anyhoo, I felt I'd share some pictures of some initial wanderings around the area.

    What I thought was going to be a first day on the job turned into a "go explore" day. I decided to keep things short and simple and did the Portal Overlook trail just outside Moab.

    For those who have never done it, the trail starts out flat and nice.
    Moab Start-1.jpg
    And then climbs up some ledges to an overlook of the valley. Not a bad view for not very much effort. The mountain bike tracks I saw on the trail made me wonder how badly I'd wet my pants if I were into that sort of thing...
    Moab Start-3.jpg Moab Start-4.jpg Moab Start-5.jpg
    Looking at the valley, my vote was that I was early for fall colors still...
    Moab Start-8.jpg

    Thinking I was early for fall colors the week before, I started my days off with a hike in a spot that looked like it would have good colors. Most of the Cottonwoods appeared to have lost their yellow leaves to a storm over the week, but, there were still a few changing trees and it turned into a nice stroll up the canyon.
    Moab Start-9.jpg Moab Start-11.jpg
    Freezing temps lately yielded this cool little find: a frosty anthill and moss!
    Moab Start-12.jpg Moab Start-14.jpg
    The imprint of a leaf in a riffle of the sand
    Moab Start-16.jpg
    This trip truly was about the details. I thought my grand shots were fairly meh.
    Moab Start-17.jpg
    A silly juniper growing out of rock
    Moab Start-18.jpg
    The Marrimac
    Moab Start-20.jpg Moab Start-22.jpg Moab Start-23.jpg Moab Start-24.jpg Moab Start-25.jpg
    Towards the end of the wandering I ran into this oddity. It looked like a cache of rusting out junk behind a newish grill grate. There wasn't really much stopping me from removing the grate and disturbing the rusting junk, other than a repulsion towards handling junk.
    Moab Start-26.jpg
    On my way back down canyon, I spent some time on the slickrock rim, looking for more cool details.
    Moab Start-27.jpg
    One of those details was this little Pinon Pine, inn'it cute, framing the Monitor with the rock? Aww.
    Moab Start-28.jpg
    And this dead...juniper I'm betting. It made an S
    Moab Start-29.jpg

    After going into town and buying groceries, I decided I'd try the sunset game. I'm bad at seeking sunsets, I more often than not stumble into good sunset moments. But this time I set out for The Knoll, the highest point on the mesa of Dead Horse Pt and Island in the Sky. For a high point, it's not very grand.
    Moab Start-31.jpg
    But the view from the top was pretty nice. I played around a lot, trying to capture the moment and be artsy while the sun made its exit from the day.
    Moab Start-33.jpg Moab Start-34.jpg Moab Start-36.jpg Moab Start-37.jpg Moab Start-38.jpg Moab Start-39.jpg Moab Start-40.jpg Moab Start-42.jpg Moab Start-43.jpg Moab Start-44.jpg Moab Start-45.jpg Moab Start-46.jpg
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    Great place to land for the winter Scott.
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    Grand Junction, CO
    Scott, we need to meet up sometime for a hike while you are in Moab. My Moab season is just starting, so I should be heading that way more often soon :)
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    Salt Lake City
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    better off outside
    Welcome to Utah man! Coming to visit. Nice hike report and your tree shots would work great in the tree gallery thread!
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    Hey @Scott Chandler I'm looking forward to your TR's for the winter!!!
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