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Jul 11, 2015
Hello All,
I've been lurking on this forum since late 2013 and finally decided to join. I've seen some amazing trip reports and photos on this site; it's actually helped me plan a few of my own.
As for me, I'm from the Utah Valley and have a lot of interest in any type of adventuring around my state. Whether that be canyoneering, backpacking, mountain biking or even 4x4. I enjoy it all!

Recently, I've been looking into a Uintas trip for early to mid October. Somewhere around the 13th. Probably to Allsop; I've seen some beautiful pictures up here of that area. I do, however, have a concern with weather for this trip. I know it's a total toss up. I'm mainly concerned with snow. I would like to here your guys' thoughts on Allsop, and how the weather might be at that time. I don't know if the trail will be super snowy or if the road to the trailhead will even be open. Any input helps.

Thanks for creating a super awesome community for an avid adventurer like myself and others alike. I look forward to being a part of it.
It's a total gamble, and the only thing to do is monitor the weather as your trip gets closer. It can be sunny and sweet or stormy and miserable...or a combination of the two.
The website I have found to be the most accurate is http://www.mountain-forecast.com but it's only a 6 day forecast.

Yep, you can never tell this far out. It just depends on what happens with the weather. I've had some really nice trips up there in October but it could just as easily be freezing cold and/or snowed in.
I totally see where you guys are coming from. Just hoping to get other people's experiences up there that late. What I'll likely do is have another trip planned for Southern Utah during that same time frame and if the weather isn't looking somewhat decent near East Fork Bear River we'll do the So. Utah one. I appreciate you linking me to that site, Parma. Looks like a great tool to have when trip planning.

Thanks for the input. I now realize that I should have maybe created this thread in the Trip Planning section. Totally my bad haha.
I'd just plan for southern utah and if you really want to hit the mountains and it works out, pivot. The Colorado Plateau is pretty amazing in October. Two words: yellow cottonwoods.
I've only done 1 trip in that area. Any TG/TR you can link me to?
I'm terribly uneducated about this part of Utah. Any suggestions? Looking for something between 7-12 miles to either out-and-back or loop. Will have 1 or 2 beginners in the group
I endorse what Nick said. Come October, those upper basins in the Uintas can get mighty frosty. I think you could count on having a good time down south. From what you're requesting, something like Coyote Gulch might be a good fit. With beginners, just access and exit via Harris Wash. Upper Muley Twist in Capitol Reef could be another good one. Really, the possibilities are endless though.

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Thanks Will. I'll have to look into that, maybe make a new thread in trip planning haha

AL your guys' help is much appreciated