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Thanks guys, truly appreciate your kindness! I figured that there was no easy route between the two drainages looking at the USFS map and on Google Earth. I saw pictures of the meadow at the end of Open Creek and was trying to fit it into my route, even though it was a stretch to add mileage wise, because it looked so incredible. Probably will just cut it out and save for another trip that I don't plan to meander around so much on. Looking to make this one a loop out of Turpin for 8 or 9 nights and honestly don't need to or want to add any technical bits.. will just use the time and 20+ miles saved by not going down Open Creek to add leisure to my pace and enjoy camp more.
You might've heard by now that the new edition is out, as of December, 2023.
I nosed around Turiano's website, he even has a discussion forum, but it's been highly inactive in recent years and there's nothing there that I could find about a new version of his book. hopefully if anyone hears any news about this, they'll post here

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