Guess the spot: Maps Edition

Id guess its a narrow exciting ledge way.
Wow interesting, I also don't have that book. Can someone fill me in on the route?
The Dark Canyon route is from Steve Allen's Canyoneering 2. It explores Dark, Bowdie, and Lean To or Youngs Canyons in a 6ish day loop. He describes the Crux Traverse as:

"The crux
After heading the canyon, drop to a narrow ledge. At one point you will have to crawl under an overhanging protuberance on a three-foot-wide ledge with a 100-foot drop below it (Class 5.0, 50'). First reconnoiter this section without packs. Though not difficult, the exposure makes the crux an anxious undertaking.
There are many ways to make this passage more safe. It is imperative that everyone be belayed across the narrow ledge from both sides. On the near side, a rope can be anchored to a large boulder; the other rope on the far side can be tied around a large buffaloberry bush. Packs will have to be handed around the crux. Pack handlers should be belayed. Do not try to cross the ledge with a pack!"

This spot sticks in my memory as we were unknowingly one ledge too high, weren't able to safely make it around the corner, and had to retrace our steps for the better part of a day..021a.jpg.
That was too easy for you. Your turn.
Heh... I don't think you understand just how much time I spend looking at maps in my spare time! Had to do a bit of sleuthing to figure out the name though.

Name the creek or river (though you'll get both if you find this spot)
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