Guess the Spot--DIY version


Sep 30, 2014
No need. I didn't mean for this to become a treasure hunt.

The lake is Crown Lake. The peak behind it is a ridge that comes out of the back side of Slide Mountain...

Here's a photo



ephemeral excursionist
Jan 17, 2012
I got one for you. I have no idea where it is. But would love it if you guys knew. It was given to be as a gift. My friend Paul's dad painted it.

It reminds me of Zion but I don't think it is.


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Noun Sequitur

My Feet Hurt
Oct 24, 2012
I'm going to guess Navajo Mtn for Nick's.

blueeyes' reminds me of Cathedral Valley, except for the river running through it.


Aug 9, 2007
Nick it kind of looks like Bull Mtn in the Henrys.

Close, but no. It's the view of Mount Ellsworth from where my wife grew up. She lived in the double wide back behind all those houseboats in the bottom center of this Google Earth shot. The one looking out over the wash.

The painting might be from a slightly different angle. We think he used a photo given to them from her parents to paint it.
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