Favorite food in the woods


Dec 23, 2014
I'm trying to get an idea of what everyone loves to eat on the trails for my first weekend trip coming up. What are y'all's favorite meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
Dorittos. 150 cal/ounce, infinite lifespan, plenty of salt, and they don't take up space if you're OK smashing them.

Found bacon jerky (160 cal/oz) at Big Lots last year. Bought every single package they had in stock.

Instant mashed potatoes (110-120 cal/oz) are always a winner. No cooking required. Although you're totally fine to buy off-brands for most products, Idahoan mashed potatoes stand head-and-shoulders above the competition.

Peanut M&Ms are always a good bet, again, at 150ish cal/oz

And if you're the beer type, check out Pats Backcountry Beverages.
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A Granny Smith apple and fav lunch: croissant with pepperoni, cucumber, and jalapeño cream cheese.
For breakfast dutch oven biscuits, eggs over medium, bacon, cowboy taters, and pancakes with syrup from the best of New Hampshire, not Vermont, Sugarbushes.

For lunch gotta love tuna melts and tomato soup.

Dinner unequivocally would be bison tenderloin medium rare, carmelized onions, cowboy taters, golden trout with bernaise, generous garden salad with ranch dressing, corn, and baguette.

Gotta love good horses.

In all seriousness when I day hike I like taking good fruit, kettle chips, cliff bars, and fixings for an awesome sammich. OR pick the sammich up at Creekside Market& Deli if I'm headed North or at the Taylor Creek Exxon heading West out of Dubois.

Sometimes you also have to have pie. My second favorite has South Absaroka Rhubarb and Strawberry.

Burp. Excuse me.
If I am backpacking my favorites are Packit Gourmet. Cheeseburger Wraps and Big Easy Gumbo are my two I bring on 90% of trips. Instant grits and precooked bacon is good for breakfast.
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