Eastern Uinta Solo Trip Advice Request

Ryan Lambert

Dec 9, 2016
Hello everyone,

I am going to try something new this year, instead of planning a group backpacking trip I am going to go solo. I have been watching Perry Taylor's excellent youtube series "Looping the Highline" and have decided to use that as a jumping off point for my own trip. I am looking at a seven day trip (mid to late August) at a relaxed pace with daily mileage in the 7-10 mile range. I am thinking of starting at the Spirit Lake TH, heading west to Island Lake, over Divide Pass, then to Fox Lake and over Fox Queant Pass, then on to Chepeta Lake and Whiterocks Lake. From that point I am considering three alternative routes back to Spirit Lake: (A) trail 019 to Weyman Park then trail 017 to Spirit Lake; (B) Trail 018-1 near Deadman Lake to its junction with Trail 017; or (C) staying on the Highline to the junction with Trail 012 then to Trail 021 and Trail 017 back to Spirit Lake. If that doesn't make sense, here is a caltopo map of the route. For reference, option (A) is the route that Perry did in Episode 1 of his Looping the Highline series.

I am looking for advice on each of the options. I.e. how do they compare, any advantages or disadvantages to one over the other two?


I cannot say for myself, but you may want to tag The man himself, @Perry to make sure he sees.
He does excellent stuff.
Hello Ryan. I’m glad my videos were of help to you. :) Today is going to be a crazy day at work, but I'll try to get you some beta this afternoon.
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Hello Ryan. I’m glad my videos were of help to you. :) Today is going to be a crazy day at work, but I'll try to get you some beta this afternoon.
It’s going to be a bit yet. Crazy project at work is keeping me away. Be patient and I will get you a reply soon
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