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All of these shots are near Barstow, Ca

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Ivanpah solar plant. It was 114 degrees when I stopped to take this one. The soles of my shoes started to melt:

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Just drove through there twice last week.
It was hard to leave 70d and marine layer to driving and rest stops or anything else in the high desert.

Didn't really consider pictures, just admiring, pointing out to the kids, and sweating.
Colors in the second one are great.
The last one especially, just like what the heat burned into my head!
Thanks @Ugly. It was almost the hottest I have ever been (122 in Bulllhead City Az was the hottest). With the reflected heat from the asphalt I have no idea how hot it actually was, but I was only able to spend 5 minutes out of the AC before I started to hallucinate.
Thanks @sandsurfer .
Here is the same shot taken the winter before, in the mid 60's this time:

Great scenes, @Titans - I especially like the way your tiny body shows off how vast the landscape is. I also love the cloud reflection. Tell Rick I’m enjoying his photos!
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