Deer Creek Entry/Exit Point (GSENM)


Mar 13, 2021
I have friends visiting in a couple of weeks, and I'm trying to map out a scenic route in the Deer Creek/Brigham Tea Bench area that would offer a good mix of wading and slick rock exploration.

For some reason, my map had a pin at this location (37.80969, -111.36578) labeled “Class 3 Entry/Exit Point.” I scouted it yesterday but ended up stuck at the end of a dry fall, about 10 feet above Deer Creek. Jumping onto a nearby tree was an option, but it seemed too risky to attempt alone. I'm wondering if I might have been at the wrong spot.

Does anyone have information about this specific entry/exit point? I can’t recall where I originally found this data.


(pics of the dry fall above the river are attached)


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I haven't been that far upstream on Deer Ck. Kelsey calls that canyon section "confined", with the next downstream exit route marked below the Boulder Ck confluence. Although with slope angle shading, I do see a spot at 37.81775, -111.36738 that looks like it may avoid the lip. Not sure that it goes at 3rd though.
it's probably not that helpful since it is at least a line of sight mile north, but there is a cattle trail exit out of the creek into the northernnmost of the neat slickrock basins. It's only a couple miles from the Burr trail

Your pin and the meander with the trail at top of photo:

Screenshot 2024-05-07 154301.jpg

The northernmost meander blown up:

Screenshot 2024-05-07 154401.jpg
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Thank you all!

@fossana Nice - I always forget about that slope angle layer thing. I will go check out that spot next time. Thanks!

@John Morrow I did take this stock trail just yesterday! Love this route, especially going over all the slick rock domes just above. Thank you! There is another constructed stock trail a little bit further down the canyon.

@regehr Thanks! I was hoping to find a couple more options up canyons to zig zag between the river and the slick rock but this one is great too ✌️
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Tree looks fine to me...but what do I know ...... lol
this is about 1/2 mile up from the Deer - Boulder confluence
37.78665, -111.36241
12S 0468089E 4182206N

used to be open but now must bush thrash. when I last hiked Haymaker Bench to Deer Creek TH, I missed the exit and went further up Deer Creek than I wanted - big pain