Convenient camp location question.

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Aug 20, 2014
Greetings fellow backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. I was hoping to get some info from those with feet on the ground or experience in the Moab area.

A week from Friday I arrive in Salt Lake and will be headed down towards Moab where we start a 3 day float trip / 4 day hike in the Maze. We are using the services of Tex's Riverways where they will shuttle us to Potash and return to pick us up at the Spanish Bottom 7 days later. However, our ship doesn't set sail down the Colorado River until Saturday around noon.

Any idea's as to where a good spot to camp Friday night that is close and/or convenient to Tex's? Or just flat out cool and worth it even though it may not be the most convenient?

I'm hoping there will be a @Joey and @Vegan.Hiker sighting :)
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Camping "Near" or in Moab is pretty much the worst place in the state. I'd stay a little more North and camp in the San Rafael Swell, or San Rafael Desert area personally.
Dan, Nick, any particular areas on BLM land in the swell that you'd suggest? I was reading up about it and it sounds like the sites near the Wedge Overlook or Buckhorn Draw might be a good place for us? Does that sound right? If anyone is willing to pm one of us coords of a good site it'd be super appreciated. Or is it not worth looking for a particular site if it's all nice?
That's further out than I'd recommend. Lots of good stuff down near I-70 where it crosses through the reef, just west of Green River. Shoot me a message if that area works for your plan and I'd be happy to share coords. If you really want to camp outside Moab, this thread will help:

I also know of some spots south of I-70 between Green River and Crescent Junction that are pretty nice.
we camped out up on the national forest above castle valley. Its a bit further, but worth it and there's noone around. just pull off of the road once you get pass the forest boundary. Amazing views.
the Manti- La sal NF Good luck, the river camps are always crowded with loud groups.
I camped off of Willow Springs Rd. when I went most recently (mid March). Got there on a Friday around 5 and most spots were taken. We managed to find one, and all the people around us were pretty quiet, so that was nice. I'd imagine it only fills up faster in April, but it would still be worth a look if you decide to camp very close to Moab. In my limited experience, I'd echo what @slc_dan and @Nick said about camping close to Moab in that it is nothing too special.
Thanks for the replies, fellas. I will pull the map out and do some snooping around this weekend. If you ever make it to Michigan or have Teton questions........
If it were me I would head down Kane Creek Blvd - (Turn right Between BK and McDonalds off Main St in Moab) - Keep going to the river, you can try any of those campsites along the river or keep going until you cross the creek and it turns to a dirt road. Not the most private or pristine camping, but its convenient and you can check out some rock art which is all over the area.

Maybe this helps, too:
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