Brooks Range trek - Anaktuvuk Pass to the Haul Road - Cancelled Flight - last minute change-up

Good question but I haven't asked him what it cost. I feel like if he wants to tell me, he will. It's hard to speculate with any accuracy as there are so many factors up here that determine if someone is charged or not, and if so, how much. Many of our rescues aren't charged as it provides needed training for flight crews, etc. I suspect this one was different as the chopper is owned by the North Slope Borough, but whether that means hyper-expensive or free, I have no idea. We were fortunate that it was a bluebird day after the storm clouds parted.

All the uncertainty about paying is why we have purchased a SAR insurance, $40 per person per year, we recently received an email about the yearly renewal. It’s a low cost solution to this issue.

There are a bunch of requirements, must be activated from a supported device, like the Garmin InReach, with an active subscription, it must be for “qualified SAR”, each person must have their own SAR insurance and it’s a secondary insurance (last time I checked). Secondary means they pay after your healthcare insurance and after your copay and deductibles.

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Three of us had Garmins with rescue insurance as part of the package. The rescuee did not. Bad luck there, I guess.