Bag Night Challenge 2022


Disappointed, passed over.
Jan 17, 2012
Post up your camping nights for 2022! Include a photo or two if you got 'em. The "rules" from @Artemus:

There are no official rules, but a bag night in the tread is typically defined by a night out camping in some form. It doesn't matter if you sleep on a tarp, in a tent, or in the back of your car. It is more of an attitude thing. If you are outside to enjoy nature, if it's camping baby, it's a Bag Night.
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Disappointed, passed over.
Jan 17, 2012
My friend @Chris Mosbacker is moving to Germany next week, so for his last hurrah we spent eight days and seven nights around the New Year's holiday on a 1,900-mile road trip through Nevada and California, looking at rock art and camping along the way. My goals for this year are to camp each month, break 40 nights, and camp somewhere between the lanes of an interstate highway (my plans for that last year got dashed due to a death in the family).

Total: 5 Nights

1/1/2022 - Alkali Lake, NV
1/2/2022 - Fish Slough, CA
1/3/2022 - Swansea, CA
1/4/2022 - Indian Wells Canyon, CA
1/5/2022 - Soda Lake, CA





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