Album Arches & Natural Bridges

Jacob Hamblin
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Oh, wow. Somewhere, quite a few years ago, I saw the arch in Hidden Canyon referred to as "Grosvenor Arch", and have thought of it by that name ever since!
What a way to find out I've been wrong about something for probably a decade.
I wonder if I've been wrong about anything els...nah, hardly likely!:rolleyes:
This morning, after camping nearby, I did some offtrail arch hunting at Big South Fork in TN.
Visibility was bad part of the time, due to fog.
Had to confirm this one with the pic on tnlandforms, because I could only make out one small opening at the top(though I can actually see the bottom one in the pic, now!).
It's actually a triple listed as 80'x50', called Golden Arches.
Stupid fog...

This one is called Sky High Arch
Somehow I missed one that is supposed to be between them, called Cathedral Arch. There are DOZENS more in the same general area, but I may wait 'til the leaves are down before going hunting again.
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Man, I'm so jealous of y'all and those arches!

Some offtrail stuff from around Twin Arches State Natural Area in Big South Fork, TN.
This is what they look like sometimes:

This one was quite well hidden...
..but an arch, nonetheless.
I never found the one I was actually looking for around there.

This is "Matt D's Arch", one of four I found on the eastern side.
There was a pill capsule with a stub of pencil and a sign in sheet on a ledge by it.
I was #11 since it was put there in June 2019.

Drove over to Pickett State Park on the western side of Big South Fork(from the eastern side, and up in KY) before deciding there wasn't enough daylight left to start anything I wanted to do, and heading home.
I always enjoy stopping by Arch Lake, and the imaginatively named "Natural Bridge", though.

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