A wise man just asked about my cuisine in th backcountry…


Mar 3, 2013
You're right. I won't need the bear can in the Uintas. I have an Ursak. That plus the odor free bags work well. I use the bear can for places like The Bob, where the risk of facing the wrong kind of hungry bear is higher.
I use the ursack and odor zips in the Bob, GYE.,... And know others that have for years .... No incidents ...cans are for habituated bears like on the PCT. Yosemite...places people have screwed up


Aug 21, 2018
REI is sold out of most, but Amazon seems to have them in stock.
Peak does seem to be a notch above the others in terms of tasting good. You can also order meals directly from their website. They offer several flavor/ingredient options that are not on most second-hand sites. The shipping takes longer than you would think though, so give yourself some extra time when ordering directly from Peak.

The biscuits and gravy is one of my favorite breakfasts. For those that eat breakfast anyway. :)

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