A Southwest Adventure


Sep 30, 2014
Last year we had spent about three weeks traveling around Utah and Colorado, and we enjoyed it so much we spent another three weeks there this year, and added in some time in New Mexico and Arizona as well.

The itinerary took us South to Barstow, then East to Valley of Fire and Snow Canyon State Parks, then a few days at Zion to hike what we had missed last year. Then Page, Lees Ferry, and Second Mesa, followed by a few days in Chaco Canyon. That was amazing. Then back to Mesa Verde and Hovenweep to see what we had missed last time, and a visit to Canyons of the Ancients and the Needles District of Canyonlands, since last year we only saw the Islands in the Sky section.

And to wrap it up, we went back through Blanding and Edge of the Cedars, Natural Bridges to hike the canyon, Torrey, and then a great day and a half at Fremont Indian State Park.

It was a great trip. we managed about a hundred miles of hiking, despite my wife's aching heel, and all but two nights were spent sleeping in Le Vin Blanc, our Ford E-350. Saw more petroglyphs and pictographs than we could count---and far more than we had seen last time. And the ruins at Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, Aztec, and Hovenweep were absolutely stunning.

But there were also some less famous places that knocked us out. Coal Mine Canyon in Arizona. Fremont Indian State Park. Valley of Fire. Lost City Museum in Overton NV. Who knew?

So yeah, we saw almost everything on our list. But now we have a new list of cool things that we missed this time. Next year...

photos and more details trip logs are on our website. Here's the link to part one:



Mar 3, 2013
Looks like a Nice trip... Did you stop by keet seel ruins ... They are nice


Aug 18, 2018
Nice ! There is never enough time in that SW area, right? It's addictive and your trips might just get longer :)
VoF also exceeded our expectations, a year ago in February we spent a day alone off trail in just a small section, we couldn't stop taking photos.
Glad you had such a great trip and it's fantastic that your wife is able to do that kind of milage with an aching heel!


Sep 30, 2014
We weren't able to get a permit for Keet Seel, but then again, I think that may have been beyond what my wife was willing to tackle in a single day...
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