A Lil’ overnighter close to home Late Jan 2021

Jan 18, 2014
8D373A53-5C43-4211-B5C1-D7BFE949607D.jpegDecided to hit up a trail near th house. Hiked in bout 1.5 mi to set up camp…9EDCA244-2A19-48F2-8DD9-E140D896AEC0.jpeggettin’ some grub fixed as it started cloudin up…B4CFBF92-0C7B-4BC5-AC68-1F60F6E8CD1B.jpegmet another backpacker at camp n we decided to git a fire goin..it was a little chilly (50ish)5266A3BF-08E2-43D8-8917-91354ED27A65.jpegI’d seen this movie before, but I never tire of it!FC924F0C-5282-423D-8079-FE80ABE753F6.jpegafter bfast, it’s on th trail(9+- mi) to th next camp..th cedar pollen( which this area is horrendou sky noted for) wasn’t too bad.60B0180C-C08B-45F9-9F59-1E7F6D5B7241.jpegthis section heads up th lake on an ole farm road…gettin warm tho..in th humid 70’s…yuckD6D31109-2473-4184-AC1D-1CB24AD8B329.jpegbut with th clear blue sky above it was a nice saunter2505B4F1-E5BA-4744-8E1F-87C44EA295AF.jpegcrossing over th river where it comes into th lake, th trail climbs up on a limestone bluff above th river.8564AB06-A083-4842-A088-0C60B11E5D9E.jpegclose up of juniper tree ..th culprit that gives us th old cedar pollen.B5EB3803-D82C-4D66-83F2-A76D6C192FDC.jpegnice views07866B2C-8A61-4C99-BC58-17242AE2682E.jpeglosin e elation30290A42-6C0F-4D48-A6D1-58FBD450C916.jpeghi hi, hi Ho, it’s off ta camp I go…2E51FE8C-E5EF-4375-A6ED-67E087DCF514.jpegacross th lake in th open area is where last nite’s camp was.9611C5F0-1C6A-49A3-A996-214489EA8145.jpegsee th tents?A8F959FE-3EE1-43B2-8BEE-B7A2B3EBD864.jpeggot th condo set up…time to rustle up some grub!7325AFC6-E5A7-430C-AB30-08561C130BBF.jpeghadn’t had this before…it was suprisinly good..started gettin pretty cool..40ish n a breeze along with our dangled humidity…chilly10189B70-F8C0-4BAE-9416-AE0138A381B6.jpegNext mornin I donned th ole puffy montbell jacket(37ish)..got warmed up fast…

sidenote…this is th lightweight down puffy I DID NOT take into th backcountry on th Gneiss Creek trip..th one where a wiseman( Mark) told me to NEVER leave th puffy jacket behind as I froze a couple of Sept Yellowstone mornings!1FD46E88-4CFA-48A9-AF29-946F200528A2.jpegback on th trail to th trailheal bout 7 mi.E51548C6-26F6-460C-A059-B90BF4BCBD64.jpegstartin to warm up a tad bit.CD017C81-C309-45E5-8945-44498F8707CA.jpegnice, sticky, spinet cacti!2F29B5C0-18F6-4F98-9462-4360AEEEE898.jpeglimestone riddled trail.39431099-3CC0-489D-BE12-F407DF6CEC67.jpeglimestone free stretch of trail..very rare…almost never seen….thot this was extinct…512B2801-0723-4603-8FDE-019B209C1F7C.jpeglast shot of th lake a bit before th trailhead. If ya need water..yer outta luck..straight drop down to it!

This is bout 45 min to trailhead..I called my daughters from here and they headed over to pick me up…it was a nice warm up before th Yellowstone trip. It was a 8 mi hike in May that messed up my Achilles tendon ( update on th tendon…it’s now coved by a walkin boot for a few weeks). Hopefully in a couple of months it’ll be as good as new( y’all say a prayer for me!)

Happy Trails to y’all!
Everything about this trip report is nostalgia-filled for me. My first few years getting into backpacking happened predominantly in Texas. Despite a lack of well-known natural features, Texas has a surprisingly good system of parks/trails. (Still the most well run state park system I've encountered.) Thanks for sharing!
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