1. piper01

    Big Bend National Park, Thanksgiving 2016 (part 2)

    Nov 26-27, 2016 (previous part here: http://backcountrypost.com/threads/big-bend-national-park-thanksgiving-2016-part-1.6423/ ) We started Saturday the same way we had the previous day, with watching the sunrise. Quick stop at the Santa Elena Canyon Overlook to see the walls glowing in the...
  2. piper01

    Big Bend National Park, Thanksgiving 2016 (part 1)

    Nov 24-25, 2016 I had the unexpected opportunity to visit Big Bend National Park over Thanksgiving. The park hadn't been on my radar, but a week or two before Thanksgiving a friend declared he wanted to go camping and managed to pull together me and two others to join him. The timing worked...
  3. Adventures With BeeGee

    Trip Report: Goodwater Loop, Tx

    BackpackingGoodwater Loop Today’s trip report will cover our second time at Good Water Loop in Georgetown, TX. On our first trip, Jack and I tried to mountain bike the trail and failed and you can read about it here. This week’s team consisted of BeeGee (her first big trip of the season), Jack...
  4. Adventures With BeeGee

    Trip Report: Palmetto State Park, Texas

    Trip Report: Palmetto State Park On Wednesday, August 6th My Brother, BeeGee, and myself went on our second official trip since starting this blog. I hope to keep visiting interesting places throughout Texas and reporting back so the information is freely available. BeeGee & Jarrett and...
  5. Adventures With BeeGee

    Lockhart State Park, Texas

    We went on a mini adventure to Lockhart State Park on Friday. This was a milestone as it is one of the first hikes that my wife has participated in and it will be the blog’s first trip report. The Lockhart State Park Entrance Sign The Background Location: 4179 State Park Road, Lockhart, TX...
  6. uintahiker

    Texas High Point: Guadalupe Peak

    Original post at my blog at www.backyardexcursions.blogspot.com. East Face Switchbacks from the Pine Springs Campground A few years ago just as I was finishing grad school in Colorado, I was offered a job in San Antonio. The job in San Antonio never materialized, but it did lead to a great...
  7. uintahiker

    Hueco Tanks Pictographs

    Original post on my blog. Ah, Spring Break, the much anticipated delight of school children everywhere! We planned a Spring Break trip for ourselves on April 9-13, purposefully avoiding everyone else's spring break. We wanted to visit Carlsbad Caverns, climb Guadalupe Peak (the highest point in...

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