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Aug 8, 2016
I wouldn't normally post something like this on BCP but I really could use any help you could offer right now. I came down with COVID-19 symptoms on Thanksgiving Day and my wife the next day. We went to our local clinic on the following Monday to get tested and were confirmed positive the next day. My symptoms were never the worst I've been in my life but were challenging none the less. Patty got hit a bit more than I with a persistent cough and needing a little supplemental oxygen. Our conditions were pretty consistent the whole time until last Wednesday evening when Patty's oxygen saturation crashed. It all happened from readings in the 90+ % area then dropping to 48-50% in less than two hours.

Of course I called the EMTs who took her to the ER. They were able to stabilize her quite a bit on a BIPAP but her breathing was not as sustainable as her care givers had hoped. Thursday afternoon they had to put her in the ICU on a ventilator. The doctors are telling me to be ready for the long haul with her likely to be on the ventilator from 15-30 days, perhaps even more. I'm still struggling getting my head around this all this.

Anyway if you believe in the power of prayer would you please include Patty and me in your prayers while we hope for the best? Even if you don't if you could just think of us from time to time with good vibes I cannot help but think that could help too.

Thank you everyone!
I sincerely hope your wife gets better soon, and you too.

I've been watching your Looping the Uintas videos at least once a week since I first saw them back in June, and have resolved to do a similar trip next summer. Those reports were really well done.

I will certainly keep you and your wife in my prayers.
Hang in there, Perry!
Echoing the same as above. I wish you both the best and will pray as speedy a recovery as possible.
I've been wondering where you were, my friend. So terribly sorry to hear this. You guys will be in my thoughts. I was watching a Big Boy train video last night, thinking of you. :)
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