2018/2019 Snowpack and Water Year


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Jun 25, 2012
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This shows where all the basins sit for snow water equivalent so far this year here in Utah. Every basin is at normal or above normal. It has to keep snowing for us to maintain this. But a damn better start than last year. I did not get my first day out on the splitboard last year until mid February. I already have two days in touring this season. It was really good up there on Sunday. Things are filling in. One more big storm and its game on everywhere.
Well, an excellent start to the water year - for a change. Here is to hoping for an amazingly wet and snowy year (even though it compromises my high country walking access). For the environment!

This is as of yesterday 12/3.

View attachment 72342https://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/nrcs/detailfull/ut/snow/products/data/?cid=nrcs141p2_034237

View attachment 72343

NOHRSC Snow Model
- https://goo.gl/LJLWSH
I was wondering what the percentages were looking like but hadn't looked into it yet. Thanks for sharing! Fingers crossed for a repeat of winter 2016-2017. My snowshoes are hungry for some deep snow trekking; they hardly got used last winter.
Up here in Montana, we are finally getting some precipitation, although its taken its sweet time coming. Lets hope the northern rockies get some more snowpack so we don't have another summer of smoky hell like 2017!
Still looking pretty great on the south half of the map. I hope this keeps up through spring. Could be a great spring for desert hiking and rafting.

The water year is good. We needed it. The snow has been good as well. Six feet in the Cottonwoods over the last seven days. Look at the Tooele snow pack 143%! Wow! This will help keep the fires down this summer. Rivers and streams are gonna run high this year. Should make for a great summer!

The water year is good. We needed it. The snow has been good as well. Six feet in the Cottonwoods over the last seven days. Look at the Tooele snow pack 143%! Wow! This will help keep the fires down this summer. Rivers and streams are gonna run high this year. Should make for a great summer!

I need to hurry up and get a packraft or a kayak!
Now just saw that another storm is coming in from the Pacific. Could be a big one for Utah. Looks like it will be a good water year for Utah. Kayla
Unfortunately summer fires are more related to spring moisture than MTN snowpack
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