tushar range

  1. fossana

    Delano Peak the even longer way (Tushar Mountains, UT)

    Intro My original Labor Day plan was to do a 3-day Sierra trip with my Bishop friend, but he decided he wanted to do a longer trip and I decided I wasn't motivated to deal with the drive, traffic, and crowded trails. Instead I made a plan to head back to the much closer Tushar Range and spend...
  2. WasatchWill

    Delano Peak via Bullion Canyon

    For some time now, I've been wanting to bag Delano Peak of the Tushar Range in Fishlake National Forest down in Southwest Utah. Delano Peak is the highest peak in the Tushars, the third highest range in Utah, beneath the Uintas and La Sals. Standing 12,169 feet above sea level, It is also the...

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