snake river

  1. Jackson

    Heart Lake and Snake River for Labor Day

    September 3-5, 2022 Jessica drew a great spot in the new lottery system for Yellowstone this past spring, so we decided to use that good fortune to go somewhere for Labor Day that would have been in fairly high demand. Jessica was interested in Heart Lake, and she and I had never been, so we...
  2. Duke

    River Snorkeling in the South Fork of the Snake

    Nick's post here about River Snorkeling intrigued me and I have been wanting to give it a shot for a while now. On Labor day I took my 3 boys with me and we tried it out. Because this was new to us I was a bit hesitant and...
  3. Ben

    Snake River Petroglyphs, Swan Falls Dam to Wees Bar

    On sunday we went out to the Snake River at Swan Falls Dam. We walked across the dam and then down the river for three and a half miles to Wees Bar where i had read there were some good petroglyphs. We only saw a couple other people on the side of the river we were walking on, but on the other...
  4. Duke

    Fall Creek Falls, Snake River Idaho

    Ibenick's post make me think of the Falls on the South Fork, Swan Valley Idaho. Usually they are accessed via drift boat but there is a "trail" from above so no need to hire a guide to float you there. Heading up 26 in the Swan Valley area; one turns onto the dirt road paralleling the river...