san juan river

  1. Nick

    Wilson & Deep

    Another month, another trip to Glen Canyon. I've been enjoying these more than ever this year. Finally getting into the groove of things when it comes to walking the many canyons I want to see. We've also been doing great at getting away from the asshattery that comes standard with the summer...
  2. Nick

    Desha & Great Bend

    Last year we did a Glen Canyon trip over my birthday in early July. We went pretty far out but we had no shortage of people nearby, some of whom left me feeling like I could never go back in the peak season and be totally fine with that. But there's something about this place that I can't keep...
  3. hatchcanyon

    Dry Bayou Mesa

    We found a strange picture in one issue of the Blue Mountain Shadows, a magazine for San Juan County in Utah. Mostly grey, a moonlike crater or something like that. Some advice was given where to find the big cavity and we tried our luck. Heading west on US 163 from Bluff to Mexican Head we...

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