olympic national park

  1. NorthwestWanderer

    The Bailey Range Traverse | An 8 Day Olympic National Park Epic

    Hello everyone! I finally finished the movie and am able to get around to post the trip report. It will probably take a day for youtube to process the 4K resolution and 360p looks bad. Early/Mid-july I went with my friends Aaron and Sarah to do the Bailey Range Traverse in Olympic National...
  2. NorthwestWanderer

    Olympic National Park - Elk Mountain

    Back in August I had an on & off trail expedition in Olympic National park which I loved. Unfortunately on day 5 of the trip (the last day) it was extremely cloudy and the supposed amazingly beautiful ridge walk was mostly socked in. I found some time to go back and complete (mostly) that...
  3. NorthwestWanderer

    5 Day Olympic National Park On & Off trail expedition (6 bears)

    Last week I did a grand trip with a good friend. A friend I made this year during my crazy Glacier Peak off-trail trip. Aaron. Aaron has tons of knowledge on the Olympic Mountains where I have next to none. The main goal of this trip was to strike deep into ONP's interior and reach '1000 Acre...
  4. NorthwestWanderer

    Olympic Peninsula - Rialto Beach / Hole in the Wall / & 2 Bonus Waterfalls

    Hello all, Got to get out in the nice sunny weather. Still don't quite have the time for backpacking yet but we do have time for some nice day trips. My wife and I went to where I proposed to her. A long Rialto Beach near Hole in the wall. A Rock formation with a literal "hole" in the wall...
  5. NorthwestWanderer

    Olympic Peninsula - Sand Point & Cape Flattery

    Lacey and I hit up the Olympic Peninsula again to get away from it all real quick. The past two weeks have been hectic with the seattle snow. I've racked up 72 overtime hours at work in 6 days plowing snow for the city I work for, something I thought I wouldn't do too much of again (coming from...
  6. Jimmy

    Baker Lake, Lake Diablo, North Cascades, Olympics Family Adventure

    My kids are getting old enough (9-year-old twins and a 5 year old) to start joining Mom and Dad on adventures. In July 2018, we did an 11-day journey through Washington including 6 bag nights. The trip started with 4 nights kayak camping in Baker Lake and Lake Diablo, car camping in the North...
  7. Ben

    Olympic NP, Pacific Coast, Rialto Beach to Ozette River

    I took this summer off to ride my motorcycle up to Alaska and do some backpacking along the way. I left in June, and after seeing some friends in the Seattle area i went to do some hiking on the Olympic Coast. This was my best trip of the whole summer, which was a little bit of a bummer since...
  8. as

    Summit to Sea

    A week ago I returned from a trip to Olympic Peninsula where I combined mountaineering and packrafting. I climbed a summit and then floated a river to the ocean. I still wanted to classify this trip as "backpacking" because this was the most important skill used to hold the trip together. It is...

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