kolob canyon

  1. steve

    Kolob Canyon to Hop Valley

  2. Scott Chandler

    Exploring Zion's Kolob

    After a couple weeks of "recuperation" from my summer employment I was going stir crazy from inactivity. One can only bake so much for the family after all! The Kolob section of Zion has been a neglected area of the park for me. I'd been in one of the finger canyons and driven the viewpoint...
  3. pixie1339

    Cedar City to Zion June 2010

    I'm posting this trip report for @Laura, @sixstringsteve , and @Tess to help get the stoke going for our upcoming backpack in Zion. These pics are a few years old, and I took them before I got my first DSLR, but it gives a decent overview of the area we'll be hiking, and allows me to reminisce...
  4. Seldom Seen Anderson

    Middle Fork of Taylor Creek, Zion National Park

    Quite possibly my favorite trail in Zion (I think I say this about most of my most recent hikes) is the hike to the Double Arch Alcove off of Taylor Creek. The trail itself is less than spectacular but the end destinations is one of the most spectacular places I have seen. Such a serene place...
  5. Dave

    Kolob Canyons, Buckskin Gulch, The Wave Nov. 5-7, 2011

    (Fair warning: this trip report is long and a bit pretentious) Quivering, the calf muscles strained. Toes groped, making the muscle fibers contract and release. The sticky rubber-wrapped toe caps on the shoes surrounding those feet scraped along, seeking any little edge or knob upon which...
  6. Alison

    Cave Valley-Kolob

    Hello all! This is my first TR on BCP, so go easy on me. ;) Chere posted on my FB page a couple of months back that she scored some permits to The Wave. High five, right? After last years attempt and getting completely snowed on, rained on, and a side ways beating by the wind for 3 days...
  7. Nick

    La Verkin Creek, Kolob Canyons

    August 2011 I thought my trip to Salt Creek was likely my last to the desert until the fall but I had an opportunity arise to meet some new friends and do some hiking in Zion National Park so I jumped at it. I haven't spent much time in and around Zion, much like the other National Parks the...
  8. John Fowler

    Middle Fork, Taylor Creek, Zion

    Are we there yet? I followed this RV out of the tunnel headed toward the campground. On my first full day at Zion, I drove west through La Verkin and then north through Toquerville until I reached I-15. At exit 40 I left the interstate for Kolob Canyons Road. Two miles up this road there is...

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