king's peak

  1. DrNed

    Henry's Fork - King's Peak

    I was really looking forward to this trip because my daughter Cosette had decided this is what she wanted to do to celebrate graduating high school this year. Our group would consist of Cosette, two of her siblings, two of her friends, and myself. We ended up leaving home shortly after 6:00 AM...
  2. Ben

    uintas, kings peak from swift creek th

    Early september my brother and i did Kings Peak. Not knowing to do any thing else, we went from the south, at the swift creek trail head. We went out the Swift Creek trail, which crosses Bluebell Pass and reconnects with the Yellowstone Creek trail. From that junction we continued up to the...
  3. Parma

    Kings Peak (August 2014)

    I know many of you probably have done this trip, but I didn't find too many trip reports on it, so you get mine! This was done August 13-16, 2014 with our Boy Scout Troop from Saratoga Springs, UT. So for you scoutmasters looking for info on this trip, I hope this can help. Or for those that...
  4. WillisBodillus

    Kings Peak (7/31-8/2)

    On Monday (7/28) I decided that I was going to tackle Utah's highest point. I was going to drive down on Thursday and camp at the trailhead, then hike the 26 miles the following day. My only problem was that my pack couldn't decide on how long the hike would last. Coming in at 30 lbs, I could...
  5. Dave

    Kings Peak, Uintas (August 2-3, 2010)

    As a Boy Scout, I'd backpacked into Henry's Fork Basin with a group of about eight or 10 kids and three or four adults. We'd planned on attacking King's Peak but never even made it close, probably due to all of the three-pound bags of Twizzlers and D-cell batteries stuffed in the kids' packs...

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