halls creek

  1. WasatchWill

    Halls Creek...It was time.

    If you've been following me and my posts over time, you probably know how often I visit Capitol Reef National Park and the surrounding area. With my in-laws now living in Torrey and my wife being a great-great-granddaughter of the man considered to be the father of Capitol Reef National Park...
  2. Clint_N

    Halls Creek Narrows - May 2013

    This is a TR from a jaunt taken last year. Thus, the descriptions of the trip will be brief because the details are no longer fresh in my mind. I attempted HCN twice, once on 5/7 then again on 5/21. The failed attempt on 5/7 was rained out. The weather was beautiful for the entire drive but it...
  3. Nick

    Halls Creek Narrows

    Funny how trip reports often come in sets around here. I can only think of one Halls Creek trip report being posted on BCP prior to this month and now we've had three posted in the last few weeks. It's awesome to see the different perspectives and route variations. Here's mine to add to the...
  4. Cody

    Halls Creek Loop via Lower Muley and Red Slide

    Here's a trip I took through Halls Creek, using Lower Muley and the Red Slide to poke a little deeper into the Waterpocket Fold on a three-night outing last fall. Capped it off with a twilight run (splash) through the HC Narrows on the last evening. A couple of other nice BCP reports have come...
  5. lostlandscapes

    Halls Creek Narrows, 4/6/13

    We had our sites set on the Halls Creek Narrows for a quick yet robust overnighter full of Reef scampering. Not only would it be my first time strolling along the base of the Capitol Reef itself, but it'd also be my first time setting foot inside the Park, period. The last of the "Big 5" that...
  6. NateGeesaman

    Halls Creek Narrows of Capitol Reef July 2012

    I have wanted to do Halls Creek Narrows since I read about it last year. The Southern tip of Capitol Reef really is an amazing chunk of earth and it pretty much blew us away the whole trail. Great views along The Waterpocket Fold followed by an amazing hike through narrows with 1200 ft tall...

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