1. hikerboy

    benton mackaye trail thru hike april 2015

    the benton mackaye trail runs 286 miles from springer mountain in georgia thru the smokies ,ending at davenport gap.named after one of the founders of the appalachian trail, it provides a wilder alternative to the appalachian trail, which starts at the same place and meets again after the...
  2. Aldaron

    Chattooga River

    I used to hike along the Chattooga River when I went to grad school at Clemson. Recently I was hunched over maps trying to decide where to go backpacking when I realized that I didn't really explore very much of the Chattooga when I lived nearby. While I hiked a lot in college, I didn't really...
  3. Tyler

    Atlanta, Georgia Hiking and Fishing April 2006

    (I don't think this community was intended for only the Southwest, so I'm going to throw this up here) The company I work for is based in Atlanta and every year we have a department meeting at the HQ and get a chance to tour something in the city. This year I decided to buy an extra ticket for...

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