dolly sods

  1. BJett

    Dolly Sods Wilderness - West Virginia

    This high-altitude plateau is more reminiscent of Maine, not the Mid-Atlantic. Open meadows and bogs, big views, deep forests and cascading creeks make this a backpacking wonderland. I missed peak colors by less than a week thanks to the last dying gasps of Hurricane Delta but it was still...
  2. wsp_scott

    Dolly Sods (WV) with my kids

    Dolly Sods w/ Kids 7/18 - 7/21/18 (3 nights) 2018 bag nights: 21 My wife's brother asked at the beginning of the summer if I was interested in meeting up in the Dolly Sods this summer with our kids (his oldest is 6). I had already been planning on taking my three (5, 7, 9) on a trip or two, so...

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