dark canyon

  1. PaulMags

    The SEUG Circuit

    The SEUG Circuit As detailed earlier, I am starting a new position in early-mid June. As such, I gave myself the gift of time to packraft and walk to connect the four national park units that comprise the South East Utah Group. Connecting the parks and seeing the lands in between allowed me...
  2. TrailScot

    "I Would Walk 500 Miles ..." - A Utah Adventure - April 2022 - Part 2

    I was unsure whether to spend another day in Fable Valley to look for archaeological sites, but decided it was worth staying on a bit longer, if only to dry out my still wet clothes from the previous day. I hiked almost to the end of the canyon, which was a beautiful walk, but I didn't find any...
  3. TrailScot

    "I Would Walk 500 Miles ..." - A Utah Adventure - April 2022 - Part 1

    Despite the many frustrations of the Covid restrictions of 2020 and 2021, I had plenty of time to pore over maps, blogs, and guide-books and plan a big hike on the Colorado Plateau for Spring 2022. My previous long-distance hike in the US South-West in 2019 was a fantastic experience and I...
  4. Nethos

    Into Dark Canyon

    April 17-22nd. Some friends and I went into Dark Canyon, hoping to complete Steve Allen's loop from Canyoneering 2. We camped at the trailhead on an incredibly windy night, finding shelter behind some slickrock overlooking Lost Canyon. I found some scat full of juniper berries near my...
  5. fossana

    An Allen inspired trip to Dark Canyon

    Intro I was staring a new job and decided to squeeze in a short backpacking trip beforehand. The forecast wasn't perfect anywhere, but of the routes on my to-do list Dark Canyon seemed the most reasonable. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the Bodie section on Allen's Dark Canyon route...
  6. Nick

    Dark to Cataract to Hite

    Sleeping bag - Check Water filter - Check Trekking poles - Check Paddle - Check Wait. What? For several years I've watched as many of you have wowed us with your packrafting adventures. I pretty much left it on my "I'd love to, but..." list. But who would I go with? Most of my friends don't...