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  1. hatchcanyon

    Glen Canyon NRA -Purple Hills

    Purple Hills is a remote area within the Glen Canyon NRA. As the name says it is a colorful district. There is only one known trail, at least to me. From Burr Trail take the Wolverine Loop where its eastern end connects (12S 0490914 4190715) and travel south for approximately 8 miles. There is...
  2. IntrepidXJ

    The Gulch

    Southern Utah Wanderings 2014 Saturday & Sunday, October 4-5, 2014 On Saturday morning I left for my annual week-long trip into southern Utah. This year I planned to spend the whole week along the canyons of the Escalante River in the Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument. I met...
  3. hatchcanyon

    Hollow Rock Creek

    This is more or less the third part of the "Avoiding Thunderstorms" story but this part can stand alone too. A little bit more than 4 Miles west of our lunch place we turned left (South) on a very good dirt road. The first miles were not that impressive. Pinion and Juniper as usual, no cliffs...
  4. Jammer

    Moody Canyons and The Fold

    No extended thru hike this spring for me. :( But... I did manage to get back to southern Utah for another 5-day loop exploring Escalante's "Lower East Side". Actually... it wasn't really the trip I imagined. After I wimped out and couldn't make it over a dryfall climb solo, I had to ditch the...
  5. slc_dan

    Little Death Hollow-Wolverine Loop, GSENM June 5-8 2013

    Dan: Matt, when are you going to come on an adventure out to the desert with me. Matt: You ask me this every time you talk to me. Sometime...I suppose. Dan: You should really consider coming out, you’d be amazed. Matt: It’s a little intimidating when you say “the desert.” You’re not going to...
  6. Desertrat

    The Burr Trail (4-28-12)

    After seeing some reports in the area, I decided that I needed to check it out. Left early Saturday so we could do some geocaching along the way. I fueled up in Torrey (gas is cheaper in Loa) and headed up the Boulder Mountains. I had never driven on this road so it was all new country from...
  7. Nick

    Little Death Hollow & Wolverine Loop

    April 2012 I've had a tough time this week working through the photos from this trip. It was surprisingly photogenic. With my 3 hour time lapse factored in, I took over 1300 photos over this weekend. So with all that said, I'm sure I'll end up posting way too many photos here, but what's new...

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