chesler park

  1. Outdoors24

    3 Days in the Needles District

    After this trip report I will be caught up on all my big adventures from last year. A year ago we made the trip down to Canyonlands to do some backpacking. We had originally planned on 5-6 of us going, but due to various circumstances only three of us were able to make it. This was the first...
  2. Curt

    Circuit of the Needles District

    In March of 2013 I went to the Needles with Scott, Jared, Brian, and Todd. Our objective was to see as much of the Needles district as we could in 4 days. Below is a GPS track of the trip...
  3. Noun Sequitur

    Chesler Park - October 2012

    In an unabashed attempt to score some loot, I've decided to risk diluting the high quality of this website by posting my trip report. Last year, my brother-in-law and I spent a beautiful October day walking the Chesler Park loop in the Needles district. I've been near Chesler Park several...
  4. Nick

    Backpacking Chesler Park

    May 2011 I probably go on more than my fair share of camping and backpacking trips, but as my wife, audraiam , says, ''you have a passion, so go do it". The only sad thing about it is that I rarely get to bring her with me when I go. It's not all bad though, it's definitely nice to have her at...

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