bob marshall wilderness

  1. F

    Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana, July / August, 2023, part 3 of 3

    UP AGAINST THE WALL I woke to light rain on the morning of day 7. In between showers I managed to cook and eat breakfast and pack up. It rained off and on as I followed the trail up the Burnt Creek valley towards its headwaters at the base of the Chinese Wall. As I neared treeline, the...
  2. F

    Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana, July / August, 2023, part 2 of 3

    In part 2, I bushwhacked and scrambled to the top of The Chinese Wall. I then got myself into a situation that wasn't quite a survival situation, but could have been with 1-2 more bad decisions. Later, I encountered a backpacker that was having a medical emergency. I called for help using my...
  3. TheMountainRabbit

    Bob Marshall Wilderness - September 2023

    I've been trying to get out to the Bob Marshall Wilderness for a number of years now - I'm happy to say I finally made it. For the third year in a row, I was able to join up with @travel2walk and we had a fantastic trip. I will say, despite my love for September/October backpacking, if I go back...
  4. NorthwestWanderer

    Walking the top of Montana's CHINESE WALL | A Bob Marshall Trek

    Hello everyone This was an awesome backpacking trip in Montana's mighty Bob Marshall wilderness. 7/15/22 - 7/23/22 The goal of the trip was to walk the top of the Chinese Wall. This was a phenomenal bug-free trip with some great friends. Every photo is just a screen grab from my video below...
  5. misSOULa

    Six days in the Bob Marshall Wilderness: The Chinese Wall and White River

    Six Days. 65+ miles. Two mountain passes. Two bears in camp. Lots of weather. Lots of solitude. Some pain. Some triumph. We beat the mosquitoes and the crowds at the cost of more snow. My brother Eric and I got to create new friendships with @Mountain Wanderer and @Joey along this...
  6. J

    The Bob

    Hopefully you guys don't mind me digging back in the archives a bit. I want to get some of my trips posted so you guys know me better. My son and I did a packrafting trip in the Bob Marshall Wilderness with a friend of ours back in 2014. Our route was a 115 mile loop with about 65 miles hiking...