1. SteveR

    A Perfect Winter's Day

    After what looked like a promising start to the Alberta ski season in late October, summer tried to re-assert itself and for the last month, adventures in the foothills have looked mostly like this: Along the divide further west, a slow accumulation of snow made for a perfect day of early...
  2. SteveR

    Sheep River Road Ride on May Day

    Southwest of Calgary, the Sheep River road is closed to vehicles from December 1 to May 15 along the 20 km that runs westward to the foot of the front ranges, to protect the bighorn sheep that use this important wintering ground. It's open to bikes though, and typically there is about a 2 week...
  3. SteveR

    Got Snow? Winter Sports 2022-23

    I wasn't too thrilled, after returning home from our October desert trip to find 10 cm of wet snow blanketing our corner of the city. That melted quickly though, and we were able to squeeze in a few final bike rides before winter hit again on Tuesday. This time it looks like we are in it for...
  4. SteveR

    Bull Creek Hills, Alberta

    The Bull Creek Hills, southwest of Calgary where ranch lands along the Highwood River meet the mountains. Limber pine, wind-raked ridge lines, and grassy meadows where cattle graze in summertime. After setting up a car shuttle, as this was a one way traverse, our group of friends ascended a...
  5. SteveR

    A Tale Of Two Passes- A Spring Ski Tour in Alberta

    We're into the final weeks of our ski season here- not that the alpine snow along the spine of the Canadian Rockies is going anywhere fast, but with warm weather at home and often variable spring snow conditions- it's time to start thinking about other activities. In fact- had things gone...
  6. Jeremy C

    Early season run to Horseshoe Basin

    Here's my first trip report since rejoining. It's not a huge trip and I did get caught with some early season snow packs that put a hard damper in the slog going forward. I left Calgary at 4:45am an got on the highway for the 3hr drive to the trailhead on the east edge of Waterton National...
  7. SteveR

    Table to Whistler Ridgewalk

    Last week we travelled several hours to the SW of Calgary, to spend 3 days camping and hiking in Castle Provincial Park in SW Alberta. This is a relatively new park, finally designated as such under the previous NDP government, after many years of debate about increasing the protection of this...