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German Chocolate Fake Larabar

I made some of these last night. More tasty stuff. These are good for wherever, but great for on the trail. I saw some other copycat recipes and kindof just threw this together to make my own.

2 c. dates (I had the chopped ones in the oat flour)
2 c. almonds
1. c. dark or semisweet chocolate. Dark is better because it's less melty than the milk chocolate is
1/2- 3/4 c pecans
12-3/4 c coconut flakes
1-2 TB water

Put the dates and almonds in a food processor, then turn it on for a minute or so. The consistency should be somewhat like wet sand. If it's not, add a little water.
Toss the chocolate, pecans, and coconut in then turn it on for another minute. Check the consistency again and if it's too dry/crumbly, add a little more water and blend it for a few more seconds. Dump the mixture into a 9"x9" pan that you've either sprayed with cooking spray or lined with wax paper or plastic wrap. Press it in hard so that everything sticks together. Refrigerate overnight. Then cut it into bars, wrap the bars up, then hit the trail. If the bars aren't gone by the time you make it back to your car you're doing it wrong.
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