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backpacking spaghetti

this one is my favorite.
i boil hamburger that i dehydrate my self. after it's been in for a minute, i add regular old spaghetti noodles. the hamburger takes just a little longer to rehydrate. you could use ramen noodles, which would rehydrate almost instantly if you wanted, but i don't like how they turn out nearly as much. once the hamburger and noodles are soft i add spaghetti sauce that i also dehydrate my self. that's all it takes.

you can also add cheese powder. i also really like to add some dehydrated pineapple.

to dehydrate the spaghetti sauce. i just spread it out on a sheet of seran wrap in the dehydrator. it takes a while, but once it's dried you can just roll it up with the seran wrap, it comes out like a fruit leather. i do the same thing with crushed pineapple.

the spaghetti sauce rehydrates very easily. i usually add it after i've turned off the stove. it reconstitutes best if you tear up the sheet of it before putting it in.
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