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backpacking chicken and rice

at home, i boil chicken, then shredded it, then dehydrate it. it works best this way.

backpacking, i boil the chicken first. once it's soft , or close to soft, i add minute rice, and cook about a minute longer. when the rice is soft, i add a sauce packet, generally some thing like a sweet & sour, spicy orange, or some an other asian flavor. there are other options.

it's not necessary, but i much prefer to add some dehydrated pineapple to this. it can also be added last. to dehydrate the pineapple i dump out a small can of crushed on a sheet of seran wrap in the dehydrator. it takes several hours, but when it's done, you can just roll up the pineapple with the seran wrap like a bumpy fruit roll.
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