Zion West Rim Trail in winter


Mar 27, 2015
I was wondering if anyone has been up in the west rim of Zion during winter? I am wondering if the West Rim gets enough snow to snowshoe? I am thinking that it would be a good place for a day snowshoe trip or possibly an overnight.
Now personally I have not been up there in the winter, but I have been there in the spring and the fall. It probably does get snow but how much of a snowpack in a normal year I would not know. It is nice up there with everything. But whatever it probably is not like some place further north in Utah or the Rockies. Lava Point is Great! You could do it now and not need snowshoes.

As for now though, there seems to be a good drought over the Southwest. In the two months recently from mid September to Mid to Late Nov. there was hardly no rain over the entire area. And with the fires now in California, this needs to be watched. So far the storms are going thru the Pacific Northwest. And even on the ground here in Jackson Hole, Wy., it is bare ground with the snow up high. It could be a low snow winter with warm temps for the southwes this winter for a change. Just my two cents worth.
I'm just back from there and it was warm. This winter seems to be a warm one, but make sure you call the visitor center to check the weather condition, also the springs (water sources).

I've talked with someone that's been on that trail in winter several times. What he told me is it's hardly covered in snow, the only time he saw was in a Feb (but last year it's heavy snow all nation wide..). Even if it's snow you don't need snow shoe, from what he told me and my own experiences in the southwest. First of all it's only the lava point is relatively a high alt, where snow a lot of times will turn icy and densely packed, a good pair of ice cleats will do, most of the time the snow will be less than 2".

A overnight will be much more delightful and you got to see a lot. Especially the sunrise/sunset. It really starts to turn truly amazing after campsite 8 after climbing out the potato hollow.
I can't speak for the quality or depth of snow. But at some point they always seem to shut down the Kolob Terrace Road at the bottom of the hill near the Wildcat (Subway)Trailhead. So access to Lava Point is problematic. Could grind up from Angels Landing I suppose. The trail along the cliff face to the west rim could be slick/sketchy.
I can't speak for the quality or depth of snow. But at some point they always seem to shut down the Kolob Terrace Road at the bottom of the hill near the Wildcat (Subway)Trailhead. So access to Lava Point is problematic. Could grind up from Angels Landing I suppose. The trail along the cliff face to the west rim could be slick/sketchy.
That was my thought. There's enough exposure that I'd want to be sure that it was ice-free before attempting it in winter.
I did it in snow back in ...2015? Like the others are saying, there are areas going up that can be sketchy when there's ice/snow. I brought crampons along for my trip.

Also did the East Rim in snow. That's a nice one if you make it up to Cable mountain! Didn't really need snowshoes though as the snow at most was 3-4 inches.
That's pretty high elevation. In normal conditions, it should hold a good amount of snow in the winter. you'd want some badass traction devices for some of those exposed sections. That trail could seriously be terrifying in icy conditions. :eek:
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