Zion to ban large RVs from the Mt Carmel tunnel


Jan 11, 2018
Starting in mid-2026, Zion National Park will no longer allow oversized vehicles to travel the Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway, the scenic byway that bisects southern Utah’s top tourist draw. Instead, drivers of all vehicles heavier than 50,000 pounds, longer than 35 feet 9 inches, taller than 11 feet 4 inches, or wider than 7 feet 10 inches will be rerouted to roads around the park...
As scenic as the drive is, park officials say it is increasingly crowded and unsafe. When the historic highway and accompanying tunnel were opened in 1930, a little more than 55,000 visitors toured Zion each year. The park now attracts about 5 million visitors per year. Moreover, the vehicles that traverse the park are often too large and heavy for the road.

Obviously that stinks for the RV users, but I don't really see any other solution. It's not like a tunnel-widening project is feasible at this point.