yosemite Glen Aulin


Sep 30, 2014
We wanted to do a short backpacking trip in Yosemite with our daughter,
and we were lucky enough to get a walk-up permit for a pass-though to Glen Aulin. We knew this route, since we'd hiked in last year, and it met all of our criteria: some nice views, lovely walking along a river, the opportunity for some real solitude, and easy enough that we could do the hike and still get back home to Napa on our way out.
And did we mention that permits were available?
Off we

The trail along the Tuolumne River is full of deep pools, cascades, and spectacular waterfalls. We enjoyed every minute of it. And once we got to Glen Aulin, we were happy to top up our water bottles at the backpackers campground there, and continue up Conness Canyon until we were well beyond the reach of the rest of the hikers.
We pressed on past the narrow gorge or Conness Creek, and then found a quiet spot up on a shelf above the creek. It was very peaceful, and well-hidden from the trace of a use-trail that follows the creek at this point, and it made a perfect camping spot for our little group.
A quiet afternoon, with naps and cups of tea, followed the hike. P fished a bit, while the two ladies went wading in the creek.
After a luxurious five course dinner (soup, couscous with paneer, lentils and rice with Indian spice, dried fruit, a couple of dessert energy bars, and a sip of brandy apiece, we finally turned in. The skies were cloudy, but we only got a light rain, and that came after we were already bedded down in the tent.

The next morning we packed up, packed out, and were at the car in time to eat lunch in Groveland.
And book another great hike in the family album.
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