Yellowstone's Pitchstone Plateau, Ferris Fork, Bechler Canyon Loop


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Apr 1, 2014
This is a full length trip video, featuring @Keith , @scatman , Scatman Jr, and a few others. It's an 8 day, 71 mile backpacking loop in the southwest corner of Yellowstone National Park. I'm not going to write a trip report for it, since Hugh has a great one here: . We hike in to Beula Lake day 1, bush whack up to the pitchstone Plateau day 2 where we camp for 2 nights. Day 3 we do a side trip to Phantum Fumarole. Day 4 we off trail in dense fog and cold rain across the Pitchstone Plateau. We drop down the Ferris Fork drainage to reach Mr. Bubbles and the Bechler Canyon. Day 5 we hike down the canyon out into the meadows. Day 6 we stay in the meadows, taking a trip over to Dunanda Falls. Day 7 we hike over to Union Falls. Day 8 we hike out of the woods back to our cars.

Bravo Maestro! Excellent!

Thanks again for taking the time to put this together. The video really captures the falls on Ferris Fork much better than the pictures I took. I loved the part where @Keith is asking, "Where's Danny?" I also got a good chuckle when you said that a horse did that when talking about your dented pot top. Also, Jr. saying the rest of the day across the Pitchstone and down Ferris Fork was the low point! Priceless!
The original song at the beginning was "When The Leave Breaks" by Led Zeppelin. I realized later on that I can't use Zeppelin's music in videos. I've got it saved on file, and can play it at Corn Dog Day. There was more footage in that edition, but I had to edit it out to match the new song. I think that version got you more pumped up to watch it. However, I think the video is much smoother with the new song.

There was also a lot of funny comments about Danny that I edited out. I know everyone was being funny, but I didn't want him to take it the wrong way. I was a little nervous to leave that last one in there.
Danny deserved the verbal razzing. He's the one who wanted to go straight up the plateau and then bowed out of the trip.
Another great video Joey. I like how you capture the real, unedited experience. I felt wet and cold at times just watching it. That's some amazing country out there. Those falls and rivers look so austere and rugged. Love it.
I watched your video on youtube and realized I may have talked to a couple of people in your group while on the Union Falls trail. They talked about how they were camping and saw two bears. One guy had a fly pole and was fishing. I was there on Aug. 10th of 2014. Either way, great stuff.
@pstm13 - The guys who saw the bears were not part of our group but we chatted with them also near our campsite near Union Falls. Unfortunately, we didn't see any bears on this trip. We probably saw you too, though I cant't remember for sure.