Yellowstone's Lamar River, Hoodoo Basin, and Eastern Boundary Loop


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Apr 1, 2014
This is a 5 day backpacking loop I did in Yellowstone National Park. I did this back in July, 2012, but its a pretty neat loop, possibly one of the best trips I've done in the park, so I thought I would share. Here is the trip route: . I have a trip video for this, which is basically a photo slideshow, with a few neat video clips. You can check it out here:


We started at the Lamar River Trailhead, in the northeast corner of the park. The first part of the hike is through the open Lamar Valley.
Yellowstone July 2012 650.JPG

Lots of Buffalo, and quite swampy near the river. My friend Kyle, who was hiking with me, sunk down to his waste in the mud.
Yellowstone July 2012 334.JPG

About 4 miles in, we forded Cache Creek, which wasn't deep but a little swift. After that, the canyon narrows around the river, and much of the terrain is fire burn. It was really hot and dry.

Yellowstone July 2012 340.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 339.JPG

It was late in the day by the time we reached Miller Creek. Miller Creek is really nice. Some fire burn exists, but its prettier than the Lamar River stretch. Lots of grizzlies around, and we couldn't help but notice all the scat and tracks. Its fairly common to see this in the Yellowstone backcountry, but it started getting excessive. We camped at backcountry campsite 3M2, which I think is the creepiest campsite I've stayed at (on par with a few along the Yellowstone River in the Thorofare). The food prep area is surrounded by the creek, and thick, dark woods with lots of grass and uneven terrain surround that. So we couldn't hear or see anything. Oh yeah, and there was grizzly scat all around the fire pit. Neither of us slept well that night.
Yellowstone July 2012 341.JPG

Yellowstone July 2012 350.JPG

Kyle at the food prep area the morning of day 2
Yellowstone July 2012 355.JPG

Day 2 we headed up Miller Creek towards the Hoodoo Basin. We followed the river for several miles.
Lamar  Valley Hoodoo Basin route 2.png

Yellowstone July 2012 359.JPG

Soon we began to climb out of the drainage, and the views got good
Yellowstone July 2012 364.JPG

We went up about 2 thousand feet, and soon were on a nice alpine ridge. We passed Parker Peak, and went through a saddle were we dropped into the Hoodoo Basin.
Yellowstone July 2012 370.JPG

Yellowstone July 2012 376.JPG

Yellowstone July 2012 378.JPG

Yellowstone July 2012 385.JPG

Dropping down into the Hoodoo Basin
Yellowstone July 2012 388.JPG

Yellowstone July 2012 396.JPG

The Hoodoos, and Hoodoo Peak
Yellowstone July 2012 397.JPG

Yellowstone July 2012 408.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 409.JPG

We set up camp at backcountry campsite 3M7, which was near the Hoodoos, but in beautiful alpine meadows, with some nice views. Kyle commented that he felt better here than the night before, since he didn't think there were any bears around.
Yellowstone July 2012 412.JPG

Yellowstone July 2012 415.JPG

After setting up the tent, we went to our food prep area, and started cooking dinner. I was in the middle of cooking some cheesy potatoes, when Kyle calming stated there was a grizzly bear in front of us. I thought he was kidding, but sure enough a grizzly was about a hundred yards away, grazing in a ravine that runs below the food prep area. Kyle went closer to get a better look, and I watched him through the binoculars. Photos are taken from our food prep area.
Yellowstone July 2012 416.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 417.JPG

While I was watching him, he lifted his head and winded us. Then he put his head back down and acted like he was still eating. But he wasn't. I could see his mouth close up through my binocs, and he was just moving his head through the grasses. I've read that bears will do this sometimes, like they are thinking about what they are going to do, and don't want to let anything know they know we are there. (Since this incident, I've witnessed this happen once more). Soon he lifted his head, and took a few galloping steps in our direction, before suddenly turning around and running off.
Yellowstone July 2012 418.JPG

Later that evening we walked past our camp to look around, and realized the bear had been digging all around us. He had probably been around a few days, and we were no doubt the first people to come through that year. Another night of somewhat light sleeping, but it was really pretty.
Yellowstone July 2012 421.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 422.JPG

Day 3 might be one of the most spectacular days of hiking I've done in Yellowstone National Park. We followed the trail to the park boundary, which looked like a giant golf course.
Lamar  Valley Hoodoo Basin route.png

Yellowstone July 2012 427.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 430.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 432.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 436.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 438.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 443.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 444.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 448.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 449.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 452.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 453.JPG

Yellowstone July 2012 454.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 459.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 461.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 462.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 468.JPG

Finally we made it to the Park's boundary with the North Absaroka Wilderness. There were spectacular views in all directions. The Beartooth's to the north, the Absaroka's to the east and south, The Tetons way off in the distant southwest, and all of Yellowstone to the west. I think this is the most spectacular spot I've been to in Yellowstone.
Yellowstone July 2012 470.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 474.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 480.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 483.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 484.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 486.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 487.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 488.JPG

Things only got better. From here, we left the trail, and headed southwest, following the park boundary. There is a faint game trail here in some places, although you don't really need a trail to travel. Pretty easy walking. And just wow views:
Yellowstone July 2012 495.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 497.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 500.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 507.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 514.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 517.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 520.JPG

As we rounded the Hoodoo Basin, and approached Lamar Mountain, we noticed a patrol cabin that isn't shown on the maps. I've since asked about it, and turns out backcountry rangers still use it to do poacher patrol in the fall.
Yellowstone July 2012 525.JPG

Now back to walking up to the top of Lamar Mountain:
Yellowstone July 2012 527.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 529.JPG

And more spectacular views at the top of Lamar Mountain:
Yellowstone July 2012 532.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 533.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 534.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 541.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 548.JPG

In these next pictures, your looking back north, northeast. Hoodoo Basin is below, and the snowcapped Beartooth's can be seen way off in the distance:
Yellowstone July 2012 535.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 536.JPG

We continued to follow the ridge along the park boundary, going up and down
Yellowstone July 2012 549.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 552.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 554.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 561.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 562.JPG

This next view is looking down the Little Lamar River drainage.
Yellowstone July 2012 564.JPG

We continued on
Yellowstone July 2012 565.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 566.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 567.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 570.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 574.JPG

We found an old can of bear spray, empty with a hole in it. Maybe someone shot it, maybe a bear got ahold of it.
Yellowstone July 2012 568.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 569.JPG

We were lucky enough to see some Bighorn Sheep.
Yellowstone July 2012 575.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 576.JPG

Finally we set up camp along the ridge, just outside the Yellowstone Park Boundary.
Yellowstone July 2012 577.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 578.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 580.JPG

Day 4 rainy weather moved in. We had already dropped down a bit from the ridge (instead of following the obvious route around the drainage). We skirted around cliffs, with Kyle trying to convince me to drop down into the valley, and me trying to convince him to climb up to the ridge top.
Lamar  Valley Hoodoo Basin route 4.png

Yellowstone July 2012 585.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 587.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 590.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 591.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 592.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 595.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 598.JPG

The rain got harder, and Kyle won the argument. We dropped down to the Little Lamar River. At first we were able to find an old game trail, which we followed for a while.
Yellowstone July 2012 601.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 602.JPG

Then we reached fire burn, and extreme downfall. To add to the misery, the mosquitos were intense. It took us several hours to go the final few miles down to the Lamar River. Once at the Lamar, we followed that down to the main trail.
Yellowstone July 2012 605.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 608.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 609.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 611.JPG

Oh yeah, grizzly scat was everywhere again
Yellowstone July 2012 612.JPG

We reached the trail as it began to really downpour. We found our campsite 3U3, and went to bed early.
Day 5 we headed north, down the Lamar River.
Yellowstone July 2012 616.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 617.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 619.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 621.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 622.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 623.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 625.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 628.JPG

Yellowstone July 2012 627.JPG

The very next backcountry campsite to where we had camped was closed because of bears. Apparently there was a grizzly on a carcass in the campsite.
Yellowstone July 2012 629.JPG

We continued on down the trail. Although much of the hillside is burned, some areas along the river are beautiful.
Yellowstone July 2012 630.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 631.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 633.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 634.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 635.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 637.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 636.JPG

We were suppose to camp one more night along Cache Creek, but talk of food got the better of us, and we hiked another 4 miles back to the trailhead.
Yellowstone July 2012 640.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 643.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 645.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 646.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 648.JPG
Yellowstone July 2012 649.JPG

We drove up to Cooke City, where we ate deep fried Sloppy Joes and deep fried Snickers. If you ever find yourself in Cooke City during the summer, definitely try one of these.
Yellowstone July 2012 651.JPG

After dinner, we drove back down to the trailhead, and slept in the van (since we still had a permit to be parked there. As an FYI, its not really allowed, and they do check for that). We had a beautiful sunset, and got to listen to wolves howl. Only time we heard wolves on that trip.
Yellowstone July 2012 655.JPG

Featured image for home page:


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    Yellowstone July 2012 585.JPG
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Feb 12, 2014
Great trip report. Light sleeping for sure with all those Grizzlies around.


walking somewhere
Apr 1, 2014
Light sleeping for sure with all those Grizzlies around.
Yeah, the second night we ended up pulling dead tree branches around our tent, to sort of set up an alarm (maybe). It was pretty intense. The bear had been digging about 30 feet behind where we set up our tent. We were sharing a 3 man tent, and there normally is at least 2 feet between us. But that night we slept shoulder to shoulder.


Sep 12, 2014
excellent, even more than normal. i'd do this trip.


Mar 13, 2012
Excellent photos. Looks like a neat trip. Grizzly would be scary.


walking somewhere
Apr 1, 2014
So the bear could get a two for oner? That territory sounds like a good place to bite the bullet on an electric fence.
Haha, didn't think of it like that :). We probably should have done the lightning method, and spread out. That way if one of us got attacked, the other one could get away.

I've thought about getting one of those electric fences, especially if I make it up to Alaska and do solo stuff.


walking somewhere
Apr 1, 2014
i'd do this trip.
Get in touch with me when you get back from Alaska later in the summer. I'll be doing this September-ish. We are also doing a bigger version of this next summer (2016) if you can make that.


Aug 9, 2007
Awesome trip report. One of the most compelling I've seen from Yellowstone. Love that dramatic scenery up toward the northeast side of things. Not so sure how I'd feel about all those grizzly bears though....


I walk
Jun 25, 2012
Great Joey! Thanks. I am going to go that place you call the best view in Yellowstone on the park boundary. When you say that it gets my attention. Great detail and info about your observations about bear encounters and their behavior. Important and interesting to me.

I really appreciate you breaking the pictures out and not just having them mixed in a movie. For me that makes the post more readable and interesting. Thank you.


Ready For More
Jul 23, 2013
Fried Snickers? I've had fried Mars/Milky Way bars, and those are amazing. Now I have to try the Snickers version. Great TR! All that grizzly activity would have had the hair on my neck raised the whole time.


Jul 5, 2014
This is awesome. Love the contrast of black and white in the mountains. I would totally do this trip too if airfare can be had at a decent price.


Nov 2, 2014
Another amazing trip! Those golf-course views are amazing and I think you were at 10,000 feet.

Were the hoodoos all close to the trail or did you have to seek them out?

I believe that cabin is at 12T 591152.79 m E 4948487.42 m N.

Grizzlies scare me. I think I would have slept close as well and used the buddy system for survival if attacked.

Really should circumnavigate the park some day.


walking somewhere
Apr 1, 2014
@Keith , the very next day after this trip is when I met you for the first time down at @scatman 's camp.

Another amazing trip! Those golf-course views are amazing and I think you were at 10,000 feet.
Yeah, I think it was above 10k. As an FYI, the golf course view is really only early in the summer. Come August and September, the snow melts and the grasses die out. Its not nearly as green, more like yellow. Because its somewhat gentle terrain along the ridges, its easy to navigate early in the season though.
Were the hoodoos all close to the trail or did you have to seek them out?
Right next to the trail. Real close to that second campsite, which we were camped at.
Really should circumnavigate the park some day.
Let me know when your ready to take the summer off.


Mar 3, 2013
Ok Joey ....I'll have to find my pics. I have mostly prints so I have to scan them. Our difference is we dropped straight south of Parker Peak and hit the ridge running west just by the creek, then all the way down the creek.....great brookie fishing, took us forever to get out. And we went out Mist pass to Pelican TH.


Dec 23, 2013
Bravo, another splendid report! I like all the pictures, but the one with Kyle waist deep in the muck is my favorite.
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