Yellowstone/Beartooths Mid-July - Lamar Valley or Bearthooths? Or something else?


Jun 21, 2018
I’m headed to Yellowstone area in mid-July. Need some help narrowing down my areas to focus on. Hoping some Montana/Wyoming veterans might weigh in.

Have 4-5 days, can do about 40 miles or less (depending on elevation gain) in that time. Priorities are scenery (water is nice, not in woods whole time), wildlife, solitude, wilderness character. The less time we spend w/ horsepackers the better (with all due respect), and if it’s possible to not get destroyed by bugs or bears, that would be nice.

Based on a talk w/ Yellowstone ranger about conditions this year, looking at northern part of the park either Gallatin Range or loops off the Lamar River, to the southwest or northeast. I’m also interested in the Beartooths, drove through there years ago and it looked sweet, although haven’t started mapping that yet.

It’s a huge area, and I don’t have a great feel for how the landscape syncs with the map. Does anyone have suggestions of sub-areas within what I described above to narrow in on, or areas to rule out based on priorities above? Many thanks!


Hiker Trash
Jan 4, 2015
Beaten Path in the BT's is right up your alley. Explore a bit at the crest (by Fizzle Lake). I have no idea re shuttles, but I'm sure they're available.


Jun 21, 2018
Beaten Path in the BT's is right up your alley. Explore a bit at the crest (by Fizzle Lake). I have no idea re shuttles, but I'm sure they're available.

Thanks @LarryBoy. Looks beautiful. Many of the accounts I've read describe it as "busy" or "heavily trafficked." Is that a relative term up there? Or does getting out to Fizzle Lake or elsewhere get you away from folks a bit?

Thanks again.


Jun 21, 2018
Looking at SnoTel data, looks like 19' of snow above Beartooth Lake, melting fast. Thinking about a trip up to Albino Lake area if Yellowstone/Lamar Valley permits don't pan out. Anyone got good info about what kind of snow cover to expect up there in a couple weeks? And should I be concerned about/prepared for standing water if the snow has just melted, or does it drain pretty quick up there? Thanks!


Forever Wandering
Apr 8, 2015
I won't get too far into the backcountry (just dayhiking) but I'll be heading into the Beartooths and Lamar area next week. If I get service I'll try to put a little report up here, though it may not be in time for some decisions. Will get in the area the 11th, I think.
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