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Jul 23, 2015
A grand hello from the Bay Area, CA to all you fellow hikers and backpackers. So I join this group of like minded individuals obsessed with having fun in our own ways outdoors (read: We are awesome & we know it!), searching for places to get lost and a motivational shove to go out and explore all that nature has to offer.

Ok. Let me not bore you further.
I am started hiking a year back, in April 2014 (in San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles, CA) and now am proudly addicted to it. On weekends If I am not hiking or backpacking, I will for sure be on my laptop researching online about places I should go to and peaks that I should bag.

With all humility I say I am pretty much an advanced hiker now, typically logging 25-30 miles with 5000-11000 ft gain in a weekend. Have a done stamp on Grand Canyon Rim-Rim-Rim (day hikes in both directions), Whitney day hike, Cactus to Clouds day day hike and I end up only asking for more.
My next target is Kilimanjaro on the peaks list, and John Muir Trail (in 2016) thru hike on trails list.

From this community, I hope to learn about places I should to go.
Welcome! I've wanted to do the cactus to clouds hike. Looks awesome. I've done the JMT, you will love it. Take your time to enjoy it. I've always said that if I make it to Africa I'll be doing Kili.


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