Wolverine on Antelope Island


Ready For More
Jul 23, 2013
This was pretty much all over the news here in Utah yesterday...and it is pretty incredible. Apparently a wolverine was spotted on Antelope Island of the Great Salt Lake.

When I was first told about it, I wondered how it would it would have gotten from the Wasatch Mountains through Weber/Davis County and out across the causeway without being seen or hit by traffic before it got on the island. But then I remembered that due to the drought we're in, the water level in that lake is so low now, there's plenty of exposed land connecting the island with the south shore, forming a big land bridge to the island from the Oquirr and Stansbury Mountains to the south.

Google it and you can see lots more info on it. Kind of funny that when officials went out to locate it after the reported sighting, that they couldn't even find any tracks from it on account of the ground it was sighted on being so hard. Hard not to write it off as a very impressive hoax based on that, but that southern land bridge certainly makes it still very plausible.