Lol.... My yard has looked like that since january
While we enjoyed some excellent spring skiing in the mountains with very pleasant weather last week, temperatures in the mid-teens (C) over the last few days also made it a treat to ride in shorts on city pathways. Sorry, no shots of winter white legs. So I have mixed feelings about the forecast for next week...
Springtime in the rockies!
Screen Shot 2024-03-17 at 8.39.28 AM.png
Lol ... Never got into doing mexico or beaches. Have a good trip
It's never too late! Nothing hits quite like a trip to somewhere warm and tropical in mid-March. I went to Hawaii almost exactly two years ago and the timing was just right, being late winter.

It's 60 here today though, so the warm weather came to me instead this year.
I'd say we are done with winter....... Younts Peak Snotel;

Screenshot 2024-03-20 175805.jpg
April 30 AWS at Younts...... going down...... about 2 weeks ahead of average.aaayounts.png
HAHA....... I gotta laugh. I still have 18 inches in the yard around the trees
High temps in SE Michigan Mon & Tue forecast to be 95 and 93. Yuck.
Could use some winter weather in CT too. Heat indexes near 105 this week. Not much better after. Impossible for me to hike or backpack. Rats... Have a new tent I need to get some practice with.