Winter Desert Wanderings 2021-2022


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Apr 20, 2013
So not all of these trips were entirely backpacking, but the majority of the nights were... so going to post it here.

I also heard kids these days have a hard time handling the normal doldrums of life because everything they see are just highlight reels and montages. I am definitely going to contribute to that here.
There was driving, sometimes in the middle of the night or early morning to and from some of these hikes. Long cold nights. Numb fingers. Windy afternoons. Solitude, sand and mostly blue skies and sunshine.

There have been some real excellent trip reports here recently. I really do appreciate them.

For me though, I do not really feel like expansive dialogue at the moment, and although there are a lot of photos. I did not want to do several posts.
But I have liked some of the non-linear reports like @Bob Winds reports, so this is continuation in desert form.

A trustworthy long-distance steed.
RCM04318-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211126-1.jpg

Lunch on black Friday. Leftovers with some chipotle cranberry sauce, eaten in solitude and sunshine. Yeah that is brined oven-roasted turkey and twice smoked ham, if you are asking.

RCM05143-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211127-62.jpg

I thought I was alone on this trip...
RCM09595-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220219-83.jpg

Such good golden light in November.
RCM04342-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211126-2.jpg

RCM05526-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211128-27.jpg

RCM04883-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211127-11.jpg

RCM04403-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211126-13.jpg

Still good light in December, even near noon.

I really liked the texture here. The weather did not cooperate to allow us to explore the area the next day.
RCM00353-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220220-45.jpg

More golden light.
RCM05540-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211128-35.jpg

RCM04922-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211127-37.jpg

RCM08040-January Needles 1-2022-220114-20.jpg

More fun textures.
RCM09651-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220219-10.jpg

RCM04570-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211126-54.jpg

RCM04479-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211126-43.jpg

RCM00328-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220220-40.jpg

RCM00308-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220220-66.jpg

RCM04609-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211126-23.jpg

RCM07306-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211219-40.jpg

RCM00359-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220220-47.jpg

The main necessity to go longer than overnight.
RCM09514-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220219-38.jpg

Took my younger brother to some places where he had either been too young when we went, or since he was the caboose had missed out on.
RCM05650-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211128-53.jpg

Another familiar place.
RCM08775-January Needles 1-2022-220115-39.jpg

RCM00146-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220220-77.jpg

Little pockets of paradise.
RCM04966-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211127-11.jpg

Early or Late sun comes before 5pm sometimes and almost 8am others.
RCM05528-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211128-29.jpg

RCM08412-January Needles 1-2022-220114-74.jpg

RCM08843-January Needles 1-2022-220115-80.jpg

RCM05613-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211128-17.jpg

Only a few days with good clouds.
RCM05628-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211128-13.jpg

Touch of winter during a drought.
RCM06558-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211218-18.jpg

RCM07251-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211219-21.jpg

Frozen icecapades.
RCM05678-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211217-9.jpg

RCM07402-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211219-24.jpg

RCM06409-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211218-29.jpg

No. I did not cross.
RCM05780-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211217-6.jpg

RCM06663-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211218-42.jpg

RCM06560-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211218-20.jpg

RCM05717-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211217-1.jpg

RCM05637-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211128-41.jpg

RCM05719-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211217-2.jpg

RCM05646-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211128-16 Copy.JPG

RCM05024-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211127-50.jpg

RCM06643-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211218-66.jpg

RCM05860-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211217-30.jpg

RCM08922-January Needles 1-2022-220115-26.jpg

Lucked out and had a full moon on a few different trips.
RCM05849-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211217-18.jpg

RCM09840-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220219-92.jpg

RCM06776-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211218-13.jpg

RCM08895-January Needles 1-2022-220115-12.jpg

This is what happens when you focus in-between.
RCM06802-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211218-17.jpg

A few colorful sunsets.
RCM08966-January Needles 1-2022-220115-38.jpg

RCM05292-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211127-22.jpg

RCM04788-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211126-1.jpg

RCM05919-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211217-7.jpg

RCM07797-January Needles 1-2022-220114-2.jpg

RCM09870-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220219-9.jpg

I really like this one. Had to shoot it handheld, so the noise muddies the colors a little
RCM08644-January Needles 1-2022-220114-6.jpg

RCM09016-January Needles 1-2022-220115-45.jpg

Dang moon again.
RCM06930-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211218-20.jpg

Orion and his dogs with a little bit of clouds. Still, not complaining since this was shot in a 15mph breeze. Brrrr
RCM00379-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220220-50.jpg

Some planets by a temple.
RCM06014-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211217-1.jpg

Orion again with a nearly full moon.
RCM06981-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211218-2.jpg

No moon, but a Big Dipper.
That's funny it was only 7pm when this was taken.
Winter nights in a sleeping bag when it is cold is really one of the toughest parts.
I watched some movies on these trips though: Dune, Jurassic Park, It's a Wonderful Life, The Grinch, A Knight's Tale...
or I listened to music too when the silence was just too much.
RCM09914-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220219-17.jpg

RCM09126-January Needles 1-2022-220115-51.jpg

Oh, I guess there is more.
RCM06120-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211217-7.jpg

RCM05428-Spencer Flats 11-2021-211128-15.jpg

RCM07096-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211219-18.jpg

RCM09149-January Needles 1-2022-220116-1.jpg

RCM07138-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211219-19.jpg

RCM07863-January Needles 1-2022-220114-15.jpg

That's funny. It does not look windy...
RCM06312-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211218-6.jpg

I really liked this butte or peak?
RCM00038-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220220-19.jpg

RCM06365-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211218-35.jpg

RCM09829-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220219-88.jpg

Some people joined me.
It is a long way down.
RCM06363-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211218-34.jpg

She is a senior now, definitely not pocket-sized. I made her carry some of the kit this time.
RCM00243-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220220-31.jpg

He is about as tall as me now and same shoe size.
RCM08014-January Needles 1-2022-220114-4.jpg

This guy popped up right in my photo.
RCM05795-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211217-15.jpg

Yep, it froze before it hit the bottom.
RCM09405-January Needles 1-2022-220116-42.jpg

The moo-ers were companions at times too.
RCM00345-Desert Cr Wandering 2-2022-220220-86.jpg

Needed roads sometimes to get from one place to another.
RCM05829-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211217-25.jpg

RCM06539-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211218-6.jpg

RCM06715-UT Lightning Tour 12-2021-211218-8.jpg

Well, hopefully you enjoyed it or it drove you nuts. I was not really going for any middle ground here.
Nice photos! This gets me excited for my upcoming trip to the needles...
Wonderful photos - the full moon ones are fantastic! (The others are, too.)
I'm all alone out here...(sees silhouette in tent)...yikes! (Would make a good campfire tale.)

Very evocative photos. Love Orion and his dogs. Love lots of the others, too. Thanks for sharing.
Nice photos! The somewhat random format without any blow by blow dialogue worked just fine.
Two more things - my tired Friday night brain delighted in looking at beautiful photos without reading much, so that format was great. And I can totally relate to having a kid spit from a tempting vantage point. I enjoyed picturing it freeze mid-air!
Beautiful photos with lots of desert trip ideas, love it! You have been very active this winter :cool:
Great Photos and Thanks for Sharing!
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